The Blood Center of Central Texas


The Blood Center of Central Texas

Campaigns  •  Illustration  •  Storyboarding  •  Marketing Strategy


Create an integrated campaign to increase donor participation at blood drives during the holiday lull. 

Created at Tilted Chair Creative

Client  -  The Blood Center of Central Texas
Art Director & Storyboard Artist - Annie Lin
Graphic Designer - Esteban Marquez & Morgan Gerber
Motion Graphics - GreatJob!


For their winter donations, The Blood Center approached us to create a cohesive campaign in order to get donors excited. However, beyond the satisfaction of doing a good deed, how else do you grab someone's attention and really entice them into donating blood?

You give them a free pass. Or at least, the idea of a free pass (it's okay, the wristband is still real).



We wanted to stay away from the overly cheesy, sentimental tones of holiday ads and instead depict the blood donating event as something fun and exciting. We transformed the whole perspective of donating blood into a more personal benefit. In addition to saving 3 lives, the donors are acknowledged for their donation with a free pass, allowing them to get out of doing things they'd rather not deal with as a statement of their good deed. One look at their wristband and the world knows you deserve a little break because, hey, you donated blood!



Our strategy was to equip blood donors with the necessary tools to take advantage of their free pass. We created an informational booklet with fun scenarios of when to use the pass, personality types based on blood type, and other fun trivia related to The Blood Center. Marketing materials were distributed throughout Austin malls to inform people of the upcoming winter campaign and the animated commercial aired on local television.