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Autodesk's internal data platform, ADP, consolidates and organizes customer data across all Autodesk products as the one accurate source of information. However, to get their data onto the platform, product leads are required to go through a complicated and time-consuming onboarding experience with little to no information as to where they are in the process.

We were tasked with reviewing the current state of the product, streamlining the online experience and assisted materials, and ultimately clearing the air of mystery around ADP.

Created at Fjord | Product Design - Annie Lin | Service Design - Josh On | Data + Design Lead - Jeff Catania


Design system

My goal when designing this micropage was ensuring that it would cohesively live within the larger design system of ADP and harness components from the brand library.

UI Style Guide.png

Growing and expanding

Maintaining and updating UI components became necessary as new interactions were introduced.